What Sets Us Apart from other direct cremation providers?

While we offer an economical direct cremation service, you should not compromise compassionate, caring service and should never be made to feel cheap or "sketched out" when choosing this option.  Here is what makes us different than our competitors:

  • Our Location : We have a comfortable and dignified location where we meet families.  We know families do not want to feel like they are going to a take-out fast food restaurant to make important decisions regarding their loved ones. 

  • High quality and trained staff: Our staff has worked in the funeral service for many years and has extensive experience working with the public in high stress situations.  We are here to help make this time as stress free as possible and provide whatever services you need to honor your loved one.

  • No sales pitch: We are here to answer your questions and provide what you are looking for, not to force merchandise and services you do not want or need onto you to get you to spend more.  We are not salespeople and will not beat you over the head to convince you to buy things you are not interested in.

  • Deceased are kept in a secure environment: Remains are stored at our office in Brewer.  They are only moved to the crematory after all the required paperwork has been obtained and an appointment has been made for the cremation to take place.  Other direct providers in the area, who have no local storage facilities, transport bodies to crematories in other counties where the remains are left until the cremation is performed.

  • We use a third party crematory: By using a independent party to perform cremations, we have someone else ensuring that paperwork is filed appropriately.  If there are no checks and balances between the cremation service and the crematory to verify the legality of everything the cremation service has done and the conditions at the crematory, can you be sure that your loved one was appropriately cared for and the remains coming back are who they are purported to be?  You can read more about the crematory here: Crematory Information

  • Financially secure business not on the brink of failure: Cremation Basics is owned by a company that has been in business since 1963.  Any funds for preneed arrangements are deposited into a mortuary trust account that cannot be accessed without a signed death certificate.  Our trust funds are managed by an outside entity.  
  • ​Our honor and reputation: Again, having been in business since 1963, we have established a reputation of being caring, compassionate, and being there for the families we serve in their time of need.  We have served generations of families in their worst times.  Anyone who has done business with us has seen how we care and take pride in meeting their needs.  We encourage you to ask the person you are speaking with (whether here or at our competitors) if they have had any sanctions from the Maine Funeral Board and to research their background.  Information on licenses held by individuals and companies, as well as any disciplinary action against them can be found here: Maine Funeral Licensing.