Cremation Services

Cremation is rapidly becoming a preferred means of disposition. More and more people are choosing cremation without ceremony for a variety of reasons. Cremation Basics is an independently owned and operated cremation service that primarily serves Eastern and Coastal Maine.

Cremation Basics offers one specific type of service -- Simple Cremation. A simple cremation is cremation without viewing or ceremony where the deceased is removed from the place of death and held for a period of 48 hours, as mandated by the State of Maine. During this time period, required certification is secured and filed with the state. The deceased is placed in a cremation container constructed of cardboard, one that meets the minimum requirements of the state, and is then transported to the local crematory in Bangor. Once the cremation process is complete, the remains are returned to a designated person or cemetery. We suggest that families choosing to view prior to cremation, do so before initial transfer is made from the place of death.