Cremation Costs

Professional service of staff & overhead             $335.00
Initial transfer from place of death                       $165.00 
Transfer to Crematory                                                $100.00
Cremation process (Mt. Hope Crematory)          $315.00
Permit fees                                                                     $35.00
TOTAL COST                                                                   $950.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we differ from a funeral home?
Cremation Basics only offers one service, a Simple Cremation. We do not maintain a facility to hold services. We make much of our arrangements by phone, fax or through our website and we are able to expand our service area to accommodate a larger percentage of the population. By doing this, we are able to offer this service at a lower cost than a funeral home.

How do we differ from other cremation services?
Our cremations are done in Bangor, which expedites the entire service. Our price is the lowest in the area.  We also used a third party crematory, eliminating any conflict of interest.  A description of that can be found here.

Do we provide the "actual" cremation of the body?
No. There is no funeral home or cremation service in the State of Maine that has an on-site crematory. A crematory must be within the grounds of a cemetery and must be independently run. We simply hire the services of the crematory.

Other Services Offered
1. Travel beyond the 50 mile radius of Bangor may incur an additional mileage cost.
2. Assistance with obtaining certified copies of death certificate.